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Mission and Vision
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INSAI (Institute on Networking Systems of AI) is a technical professional organization dedicated to the research and development of NSAI (Networking Systems of AI).

Mission Statements
INSAI is a technical professional organization formed by global scientists and engineers to support the development of the emerging interdisciplinary field of "Networking Systems of AI". INSAI provides a platform for scientific and technical experts to discuss research development and cutting-edge technologies. Through the release and upgrade of the "Networking Systems of AI Blue Paper", organizing international and academic conferences, and publishing journals and technical standards, INSAI promotes industrial consensus and leads the international ecosystem of open NSAI.
Vision Statements
Promote innovations in the convergence of computing and communication disciplines, in achieving the paradigm of "network as an AI system, AI as a networking system" for NSAI systems. Promote open ecosystems such as the Smart & Healthy City (SHCity) and global innovations in smart societies. Foster the integration of fragmented and diversified vertical industries, in order to realize the global industry transformation with trillion-dollar markets under NSAI.