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INSAI organization
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INSAI is composed of the INSAI Strategic Committee, INSAI Council, INSAI Professional Committee, and INSAI Secretariat. The Secretariat consists of eight departments, namely the Society Affairs Management Center, Membership Management Center, Academic Conference Management Center, Publishing Center, Informatization and Media Center, Science and Technology Exchange and Cooperation Center, Special Committee Management Center, and Regional Society Management Center..

INSAI organizational chart

Strategy Committee
The INSAI Strategic Committee brings together world-renowned experts to provide strategic guidance for the development of the INSAI Society. The INSAI Strategic Committee aims to provide direction for major innovations that promote the integration of computing and communication disciplines, empower traditional disciplines and industries, promote the open ecosystems such as Smart & Healthy City (SHCity), and promote the effective integration of fragmented and diversified vertical industries.
Professional and Technical Committee
INSAI professional and technical committees are divided into two categories: regional professional and technical committees, and industry professional and technical committees. Regional professional technical committees: Shanghai, Hainan, Shandong, Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Oceania; Industry professional technical committees: Non-ferrous Metal Process-based NSAI committee, Power Cable Industry NSAI committee, Rail Transit NSAI committee, etc.

The initial plans to be carried out by special committees in different regions and industries include:
Recruitment of members of the special committee:honorary director, director, deputy director, secretary-general, deputy secretary-general, and committee members.
Development  of members of the special committee:recruiting experts from domestic and foreign scientific research institutes and universities in this field; recruiting experts from well-known enterprises in this field.
Holding the first workshop of the special committee:providing a platform for scientific research and industry collaboration, promoting the exchange of scientific research results, sharing consultations, jointly declaring relevant scientific research projects, and promoting industrial transformation.